About FTSE Spread Betting

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About FTSE Spread Betting

Hey traders and welcome to our about us page.

FTSESpreadBetting.org was set up in order to provide free tips, strategy articles and advice for spread betting on the FTSE (financial times stock exchange).  The FTSE is one of the biggest stock exchanges in terms of capitalisation and it brings in hundreds of millions of pounds of trading and investment everyday.  Because of its activity and dynamic range of stocks, businesses and securities, it is one of the favourite markets for spread bettors to bet on.  The movement of stock prices on the FTSE can provide massive profits for spread betting on per points movements.

We want to remind all new spread bettors that spread betting is very risky.  It is completely unique in that you can end up losing far more money on a wager than you deposited.  For example, if you fund a spread betting account with £100, and wager £10 per point on Microsoft shares, then if the shares drop more than 11 points you will end up with a minus balance needing to be settled between yourself and the spread betting platform.  If the shares dropped a disastrous 30 points than you would end up losing £300 from your intitial £10 wager!

The truth about spread betting is that while it is a very profitable and tax-free way for city traders to make money speculating the market, most winning spread bettors will still lose money on around 50% of their bets.  This is OK however, since they will generally make a net monetary profit by making more money on the bets that they get right than their losing bets.  Nonetheless, the risk exposure of spread betting on the FTSE, or any other financial/securities/commodities market for that matter, are very high.

To help new spread bettors out we’ve written a number of spread betting guides and articles.  We recommend reading all of these before you start risking any of your money if you don’t aleady know what you’re doing.  Our spread betting articles explain the difference between long and short bets, spread betting on different types of markets and indices, and the different types of spread betting orders you can make to minise your risk (stop-loss orders for example).

To kick start your spread betting career we also recommend a number of spread betting books, blogs and journals to start reading.  These types of resources will prove invaluble to making more money on the FTSE.  They teach you how to identify externalities, research techniques such as technical analysis, and how to understand chars and predict future market movements.

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