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Hey traders and welcome to our about us page.

FX-Platform.com as set up in order to provide free advice and information about fx (foreign exchange) trading.  Online fx trading has become a big business in the last few years, especially amongst high volume individual traders and retail investors.  Our site aims to provide a little information and guides for forex trading along with recommendations for the best fx platforms and offers.

In terms of its growth and popularity, fx trading has become extremely popular and there are now a number of fx platforms and companies offering their services either online or through mobile fx trading.  At the moment, forex markets are 40 times bigger than the equities markets and have an average daily turnover of $3.97 trillion.  This is mainly derived (70-90% of total trade volume) from investors, hedge funds and money managers around the world speculating on different currencies going up or down in the form of currency swaps, spot trades and options/futures contracts.

Since 2007, fx trading has considerably increased in popularity, both in terms of fx accounts and trade turnover.  Investors are looking for new ways to diversify their investment assets and hedge the risks from other trading positions by the currency pairings that forex provides.  Due to the 24/7 opening hours of the market and the giant margins offered by fx platforms nowadays fx trading is becoming a more profitable market for investors (in addition to supporting international businesses, trade and inter bank networks).

If you are new to fx trading, then you will find a wealth of financial information reading through our fx strategy articles an pages.  In order to make money speculating on the fx markets, you need to be fully aware of what you’re getting into, have an excellent knowledge and understanding of how the currency exchange markets operate and by able to analyse or predict future movements and patterns.  For example if you are speculating on Pound Sterling movements paired with the US Dollar, then you will need to take into account all of the externalities and fundmanetals which can effect the supply/demand of these currencies.  Any purchasing or release of currency reserves by the government, economic publications figures or other factors can substantially parlay the exchange rate in one way or another.

For the more cavalier fx traders, we have listed sites which offer FX Demo accounts which allow you to practise trading on the forex markets without any risk of losing your own money.  FX platforms such as dbFX will give you $50,000 in free money to play around and invest with, along with monitor your trading positions and use automated features such as trailing stops and stop-losses to minimise your risk exposure.  Very often new fx traders first start out with a demo trading account to see get experience and understand how to use different features in their trading.

If you are looking for further information into fx trading, want advice on how to choose an fx platform or are simply looking for great currency news resources and fundamentals, please visit our forex resources page.

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