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In 2009 Capital Spreads unleashed their brand new iPhone and Google Android spread betting/CFD trading App for customers.

First of all, the app is only available to customers who have a live Capital Spreads account (i.e. it’s not available for demo account users).  You can download the app either from their website or from the Apple App Store.

Mobile Trading App Review

The great thing about the Capital Spread mobile trading app is includes great range of features that are simple to new customers to learn how to use (an instruction manual can be found on the main website).  In fact, in 2010 around 30% of spread betting trades and turnover in the UK were executed by mobile apps which just goes to show how user-friendly they can be for opening and closing trades.

Market Features: The best thing about the iPhone/Android app is that it gives you full access to all 3,500 of their markets.  Users can view the markets and prices by clicking the Markets button at the bottom of the app’s home screen.  You can choose between different categories just like you can on the OTP (including indices, forex, commodities, interest rates and bonds) or you can use the Groups or Search Bar at the bottom of the screen to find what you’re looking for.

Open/Close Positions: The Capital Spreads app allows you to open/close trades on your mobile.  The beauty of the Capital Spreads app however is that even the mobile trades are confirmed straight away through email without any re-quotes or problems.  In addition to opening/closing trades, you can easily edit you stake allowance (starting from £1 per point) by sliding your fingers across the screen or by manually clicking the arrows to increase/decrease the numbers.  Safety features such as stop-losses are automatically applied to your trades.  You can also reverse your trades or partially close them (i.e. lower your stake size). You can click the “Trade” button at the top right of the screen to quickly buy and sell positions.

Market Information and Technical Charts: Such is the ingenious of the iPhone that it even includes gyroscope technology into its functions.  For instance, when you click on a market you can turn the screen on its side in order to view market information, view chart of add it to your portfolio.  Having your markets and stocks in your portfolio means that you can view the latest trends and market prices quickly for markets you have your eye on.

In order to view the technical charts you just have to select a market and then either turn the iPhone on its side or swipe your finger to the left.  This will then allow you to click on the “Charts” button, which allows you to customise charts with a range of technical indicators including moving averages, exponential moving averages, Williams %R, upper and low Bollinder Bands, MACD and others.

Account Details: For a quick summary of your trading positions, margin requirements, trading history, P&L and account valuance/balance you can click on Account Details. This is pretty useful for an overview of your account and making sure you have enough trading resources left to meet the IMR.


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