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If you’re an Android mobile phone user looking to place trades through your mobile than City Index is one of the top choices in my opinion.

Launched in 1983, is one of the oldest spread betting companies in the world.  (They also offer CFD trading which can be accessed from your Blackberry).  You can join City Index now and spread bet on more than 12,000 markets from just 1 pip on the UK Rolling 100, Forex markets, commodities and shares.  City Index also offer extremely low initial margin requirements (IMR) of just 1% on all forex markets and 5% on equities.

Many of City Index’s customers already use mobile devices such as the Android in order to open trades.  A recent report showed that 25% of all monthly trades at City Index are placed through a mobile – the highest number out of any spread betting company.  This pretty much shows City Index is one of the top mobile spread betting firms, they even won the 2010 MoneyAM award for “Best Mobile Trading Platform” to prove it!

What Does the City Index Android App Offer?

The City Index Android Platform offers all of the impressive trading features of the iPhone App.  The two are literally identical.  As a summary, the Android App at City Index lets you trade across all 12,000 markets (the same as their online trading platform), view 24/7 live streaming prices, edit orders, view account summaries and view trends from the technical charts/data.

The biggest advantage of the Android trading platform in my opinion is that it really does give you full access to your account.  Asides from being able to make deposits and top-up your account, you can also open/close markets, place limit orders and manage your portfolio with position charts.  You can partially close orders or set stop-losses, limit buys, trailing stops and if bets too.

The Account Summary screen will display an overview of your account.  By showing your cash balance, P&L and trading resource on a single screen you can see just how close you are to reaching your account’s margin.  The position charts also provide a means of easily checking how your positions are going.  You can easily close trades through one-click by going through the position charts.

The technical charts and indicators on the Android App includes:

  • RSI
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MADC)
  • Price Cursor Line
  • Bollinder Bands

Additional trading tools and features which you might not expect from a mobile app includes 24/7 news alerts and market commentary from the Dow Jones.  You’ll constantly be alerted with any changes in the market (just like when you trade online at City Index) stream to your device.  You can also add markets to your “Watch List” at any time by selecting the market and adding it to your list.  The user-friedliness of the markets menu ensures that you can find specific markets quickly through the Group and search navigation bar at the top right of the screen.

How to Install the City Index Android Application?

In order to use the Android mobile trading platform you’ll need to have an existing live account at City Index. If you don’t already have one then you can sign up here.  You can find instructions on how to install the Android App by going to the Mobile Trading section of the website.

The initial Menu screen display 6 options: Account, Markets, Positions, Watch List, History and More. You can customise or change the position of the icons at any time.


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