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City Index is one of the largest spread betting and FX brokers in the world.  They offer more than 12,000 markets to trade on from just 1 pip.  City Index also offers extremely low margins starting from just 1% and their “Learn to Trade” program offers beginners the ability to open trades from just 25p per point.  You can also take advantage of the online webinars, live market news commentary and risk-free management tools online.

About the City Index Blackberry App

City Index actually has two Blackberry trading applications.  The City Trading Blackberry App is suitable for Blackberry users with the OS 6 operating system (the newer version) while the City Trading Platform is available for Blackberry handsets running OS 4.5 to OS 5.

The main different between the two apps is that the newer City Trading App for OS 6 has far superior graphics, touch-screen interface, positional charts and technical charts (including bespoke graphs).  However, the older City Trading Platform still allows you to perform a range of functions including opening/closing trades, viewing the latest market prices, editing or partially closing/opening orders, depositing, creating watch lists and viewing your account summary.  Your account summary includes details such as your net trading resource, P&L, margin and cash balance.

City Index Trading Platform Overview (for OS 4.5 – 5 users)

The City Index Trading Platform can be downloaded directly to your mobile from the City Index website, however you’ll already need a City Index account to use it.

The app’s main advantage to Blackberry users is that it allows you to view the latest market prices (across all 12,000 markets) and open/close trades on the go.  Once you’ve opened your trade and adjusted your stake size, you can also edit your positions to partially open or close them.  You can do this by clicking on the “Positions” tab and then amending your current orders.  City Index doesn’t offer guaranteed stop-losses however these can be added for a small sub-charge.

In order to help find the market that you’re looking for, the City Trading Platform App has a “Search” feature which allows you to search for a particular market or through Groups.  The good thing about the Blackberry App is that it has a ful range of orders and you’ll receive instant trade confirmations.  If you’re order is higher than the allowed amount than your order will be immediately sent to a broker at City Index who will provide you with a new buy/sell price for that size.

Unfortunately, unlike the iPhone and Android, the Blackberry 4.5 OS app is far more basic and doesn’t include bespoke charts and customised technical indicators.  The good news is that the newer City Index Blackberry Trading App does!

New* City Trading App for Blackberry OS 6 Users

The new City Trading App from City Index is much better than the older version and contains a range of new features which keep it right on par with the City Trading iPhone and Android platforms. This newer Blackberry trading app can be downloaded from the Blackberry App World (you’ll still need a City Index account beforehand).

What Makes the New City Trading App So Good?

First of all, the City Trading App for OS 6 users contains an eclectic range of bespoke positional charts and technical analysis tools.  If you go to the “Charts” menu you’ll find a range of live streaming technical charts which allow you to identify price trends and patterns.   These charts have both a portrait and landscape mode depending on the orientation of your device.

The range of technical indicators includeMACD, Relative Strength Indicator (RSI), Stochastic Oscillator,  MA, EMA and more.  You can edit the setting for each chart by going to Chart Settings (tap the bottom toolbar on the portrait mode).

Position Charts can used on the new City Trading App to quickly view your trading positions and compare your P&L (your unrealised profit and losses).  The Account Summary tab is also more sophisticated than the older Blackberry app.  It lets you view your running P&L, margin, net equity and cash balance in a single neat screen.


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