City Index to Provide New Players with Trading Credit Worth £150

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One of the leading companies providing CFD trading, spread betting and margined foreign exchange, City Index is offering new players with credits worth £150. Players have to create a spread betting account with City Index to avail this offer. A minimum deposit of £500 has to be made to claim the credit. Players also have to place at least three bets after making the initial deposit. The bets have to be placed before August 31 of this year and £3 should be placed for each point. Only after meeting these requirements will the spread betting company add a credit of £150 to players’ accounts.

To avail the lucrative offers of City Index, players can sign up with the website. The registration process is completed within minutes. Players can glance through the terms and conditions offered on the website to have a better idea about City Index.

The company provides its patrons with an array of tools of risk management. New traders can start betting at City Index with an amount as low as 25 pence. This reduces the risks of amateur traders. They should opt for small trading sizes. City Index offers gamers to do so. All they have to do is, create an account with City Index and select the ‘Learn to Trade programme’. On doing this, players will receive prizes of lower stakes for the next four weeks after the funding of account.

Derivatives have plenty of benefits to offer. Players are discovering this through City Index most of the time. The financial trading platform of City Index provides opportunities to players to learn about derivatives.

Operating in more than 50 countries, City Index makes transactions worth1.5 million per month. A wide range of financial instruments are offered by the company including spread trading, CFD trading and foreign exchange.  The company is always on a look out to improve on its services and provide more of them to customers.  It is this effort on the part of City Index that enables players to take advantage of a wide range of innovative tools that the company provides. City Index is known for its competitive spreads, transparent pricing system and the qualified support team.

The company established its business in the year 1983. Having been around for more than 25 years, City Index has become one of the leading contract providers of today.



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