City Trading – A Big Success for City Index

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A popular method of trading in today’s world, spread betting is creating huge waves in the mobile industry. With the award winning creation of an iPhone application – City Trading by City Index, the spread betting application on mobiles is gaining popularity and fame. Voted as the best trading platform for mobiles in 2010 in many magazines, City Index easily tops the charts of spread betting providers. This quick, free and easy to download mobile app is available on any smart phone which makes on-the-go betting simple and convenient for any trader.

Winning awards is always a plus point for a company but the real success of trading methods depends on the trading public and their acceptance towards a new technology. A chief market strategist, Joshua Raymond who works with City Index, says that the launch of City Trading has increased the percentage of trading on mobile platforms from under 3% to 15%. This rise in percentage shows the positive impact of the City trading app on the mannerisms of the trading public.

An updated version of the spread betting application has been released by the CFD provider. This version has a wide range of newsfeeds and live charting packages from Dow Jones Newswires. Spread betting on mobiles has several advantages but one of the biggest is that traders can access their positions at any given time on their mobile phones. Market prices are easier to check and various trades can be opened and closed whenever the trader chooses.

The current day situation shows that many traders are appreciating the benefits of derivatives which were discovered by platforms provided by City Index. The company is a large group and has transactions of 1.5 million trades taking place in 50 countries around the world on a monthly basis. They provide access to a huge range of services such as financial spread betting, margined foreign exchange as well as CFDs. City Index offers applications for the iPhone but there are applications available for other smartphones like Blackberry and Android also.

Sometimes, the trading platforms can result in a loss bigger than the original deposit and traders are cautioned to understand every possible risk before investing in spread betting and CFD trading. City Index aims to expand and improve their performances of the mobile trading platforms so that traders can take full advantage of new trading kits and advanced customer care.



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