Compare Spreads for Crude Oil

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Crude Oil

Unless an individual has access to large financial reserves, the most favourable option to specualte on the price of crude oil is to do so through financial spread betting. This is a volatile market and it is not unusual for the value of crude oil to move 5% or more during a normal days trading so if you prefer your spread betting to be a little less hectic it might be advisable to give trading on crude oil a miss.

For those who are looking for plenty of trading opportunities though, this is an ideal market to get involved with but it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the different aspects of it before you get involved.

Number One Company For Trading Crude Oil

Again, it’s a close call to choose which is the number one company for trading crude oil but Capital Spreads would definitely have to be on the short list. If ever spread betting firm has improved over the last couple of years it is Capital Spreads and the service that they offer for anyone who wishes to trade Crude Oil is quick and efficient. Their spread on this market is 5 points per contract which increases to 10 points during night time hours.

The trading platform is stable and robust as is the mobile trading app for anyone who wishes to speculate on crude oil whilst on the move.

Comparison Of Different Spreads For Crude Oil – 4 points around market spread – 5 points (10 overnight) – 6 points around market spread – 3 points – 4 points around market spread 9 (6 overnight)

Tips For Trading Crude Oil

There are wild fluctuation is the price of crude oil so the opportunities are definitely there for financial spread bettors to take full advantage of. Many aspects effect the price of crude oil. The current economical climate, the uncertainty of the middle eastern countries and even the weather can cause price fluctuations.

Due to the volatility in the market, more and more individuals have taken an interest in spread betting on crude oil but one aspect in particular to watch out for is how quickly your broker executes any spread bets that you make. You should not have any problems with brokers listed in this article but if you do start to experience delays in execution of your bets it is not acceptable and the only solution if this becomes something of a habit is to change to another broker.

Many other markets are affected by crude oil and one of the most obvious ones would have to be the airline industry. If you were of the opinion that the price of oil was due to fall over the medium term it might be worth investigating the price of the various shares within the airline industry as there may be some obvious opportunities to take advantage of.

Crude oil is an easy market to spread bet on but a $2 move in the market in a single day is not that unusual and the consequences of being on the wrong end of one of those moves is not something that anyone would enjoy.

It is highly advisable to make full use of guaranteed stop losses and use stakes that you are comfortable with to ensure that you are in full control at all times. Try to keep abreast of any news that could have an effect on the price and make a note in your diary for the US oil inventory figures  which are released every Wednesday.







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