Compare Spreads for Wall Street

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Wall Street

Financial spread betting on Wall Street or the Dow Jones as it is more commonly referred to is one of the most popular indicies to bet on. It is more volatile than the FTSE 100, with large price swings not being out of the ordinary.

It consists of the shares of the top 30 companies in the US which are weighted so that a fair cross section of industry is represented. The 30 companies are chosen by a specialist team at the renowned Wall Street Journal and these 30 companies very rarely change. A question that is often asked is how an earth can only 30 companies represent the whole of the US but the Dow Jones has been in pace for over 100 years and has always been a reliable bench mark.

Number One Company For Trading Wall Street

Being one of the most popular indices for financial spread bettor’s, all of the spread betting brokers are trying to compete in offering the most favourable spread but the industry seems to have settled on an average of 2 points with the exception being City Index who offer a very generous 1 point spread on Wall Street Trading.

City Index are one of the old school when it comes to financial spread betting but don’t think for one moment that they are not at the cutting edge of the industry because they most definitely are. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced trader or an absolute beginner, City Index will be able to accommodate you and provide a service which really is second to none.

Broker Spreads For Trading Wall Street – 2 points – 2 points – 1 point –  2 points – 2 points – – 2 points

Tips For Trading Wall Street

When spread betting on Wall Street it is especially important that you set a guaranteed stop loss and make sure that you are comfortable with the stake size that you are using. A move of a couple of hundred points is not at all uncommon, not bad if you are on the right side of a 200 point move at £10 per pip but when you are on the wrong side it can soon result in a margin call from your broker.

If you are trading to a system make sure that you stick to it, the last thing that any spread trader needs to be doing is to change tactics half way through a trade on the Dow because the result will not only be sheer confusion but most probably result in losing money.

This applies to any market but is especially true for the fast moving nature of the Dow, if you are new to financial spread betting or using a particular broker for the first time make sure that you are familiar with the trading interface. A few minutes spent having a look around and watching any instructional videos that the broker provided could very well pay dividends if any problems occur during the trade or if the market moves in a  way in which was not expected.

Make sure that you are aware of any announcements that could have an effect on the direction of the market and if you are still finding your feet it may be a good idea to refrain from trading at these times, especially the bid announcements such as the non farm payroll which takes pace every month.


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