Compare the Best Spreads for the FTSE 100

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FTSE 100

Spread betting on the FTSE 100 is without doubt the most popular index for spread bettors to get involved with. The reason for this is probably because the vast majority of people who are involved in financial spread betting are based in the UK so are more familiar with this market over others.

The FTSE 100 is an index that represents the largest 100 companies in the UK which are listed on the London Stock Exchange with the main constituents being financials, oil and gas and basic materials.

The spread bettor who trades the FTSE 100 is constantly looking for news or indications that could effect the economy, as this will have a direct  impact on the FTSE 100. It is common for it to move between a high or low of 50 plus points during a days trading, with moves of 100 points plus on occasions so it offers plenty of opportunities for the astute bettor to take advantage.

Number One Company For Trading The FTSE

As you would expect, when it comes to trading the FTSE 100, all of the brokers offer competitive spreads as this is the market that many new spread traders look at getting involved in first.  A special mention must be given to World Spreads, who are offering a market leading zero spread on the FTSE 100 as well as 11 other markets.

This innovative company introduced zero spreads in 2010 and despite trepidation within the industry that it was just a marketing ploy, they have stuck with it and it is proving to be especially popular with the discerning FTSE 100 spread trader.

It should be noted that the size of the spread is only one point to pay attention to when choosing a broker to trade with; other aspects to consider are the stability of the trading platform, the efficiency of the client help desk, spread betting education etc but seem to offer a quality all round service which is highly recommended.

As for the other financial spread betting brokers, it looks like a spread of only 1 point is the norm for the FTSE 100, so as already mentioned, any prospective client should take everything else that the broker offers into consideration when choosing which one to do business with.

Broker Spreads For The FTSE 100 – 1 point – 1point – 1 point –  zero points – 1 point – 1 point

Tips For Trading The FTSE 100

Due to its very nature, when trading the ‘FTSE’ it is important that you are aware of any news announcements that can have an affect on the economy. These announcements do not just have to be made in the UK as news from around the world can have a direct impact on which way this market moves.

Many financial spread bettors who get involved in trading the FTSE 100 make sure that they are not in a trade when any big news is announced, on the hand hand, if you are on the right side of a trade at these times the results can be most encouraging but unless a guaranteed stop loss is in place, being on the wrong side can result in large losses.

It would be fair to say that anyone who is interested in trading the ‘FTSE’ should take an interest in the economy as a whole as all aspects of it can have a direct effect on which way the market is moving. Even an after dinner speech by the governor of the bank of England, which is not really classed as an announcement, can mean that the index will sky rocket or drop like a stone, whichever the case may be.




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