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Easy-Forex has been a name to reckon with in the Forex business ever since its inception in the year 2003. The company enables Forex trading through a number of platforms including the web, MT4 and iPhone. Recently, the company has also come out with a Forex trading application for Blackberry users, allowing them to update themselves about the latest developments in the Forex market even while on the move.

The Blackberry app by Easy-Forex is another addition to the list of Forex trading platforms on mobile phones. The company had previously launched iPhone- and Windows Mobile- compatible versions of their trading platforms. The Blackberry version of their application comes with a lot of interesting features that will help you keep track with the latest happenings in the Forex business.

Live Rates

The Live Rates feature gives you access to the rates of more than 100 different currencies. The feature gives you rates of different commodities like gold, silver and oil. The rates are also updated every second in the Live Rates Feature.


The charts feature enables real time analysis of charts at just the click of a button. There are two display options for the charts- they can be seen either in the simple line chart format or in candlestick patterns.

Inside Viewer

A trading tool that gives you unique insight into the Forex market, the Inside Viewer feature is exclusive to the users of Easy-Forex applications. This feature provides information like the pairs that are traded most popularly, aggregate deal plan of all open deals and the direction in which various pairs are traded. You can also see the pairs which are traded by others.

Financial Calendar

The Financial Calendar feature informs you about the latest news and economic indicators in the Forex industry. Beginner traders in the Forex business would especially benefit from this tool as it helps them gain an idea about the various factors that shape the market.

The application also has a tool that gives you Outlooks on a daily and weekly basis and can be accessed from any location. The Outlooks inform you about the trends that you need to look for in the Forex market. One of the advantages of using the Easy-Forex application is that it supports multiple languages. Also if you are not sure about whether Easy-Forex is right for you, you can go for the demo version and get yourself familiarized with the application before you make your decision.

The “My Positions” page gives you a clear idea of what your position in the Forex market is. The Easy-Forex application for Blackberry users can be downloaded from the Blackberry apps page or from the Easy-Forex apps page. The site accepts payments through credit/debit card, PayPal or wire transfer. The application is also customizable, which is another plus.

Due to compatibility issues, not all the features that can be found on other Easy-Forex trading platforms can be found in the Blackberry version. But there is just enough to keep you updated on the latest happenings in the Forex market. Being one of the earliest online Forex brokers, the Easy-Forex is also one of the safest places online to get involved in the Forex trading business as it is regulated both in the European Union and in Australia.


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