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Most people in the Forex business will be familiar with easy-forex. The financial services company has been operating in the Forex market for almost a decade now. The company has multiple platforms around the world and offers currency and commodity trading through the web, desktop and mobile, and provides personal service and support to innumerable Forex traders. One of the company’s recent contributions in this area was the easy-forex application for iPhone users. You can read more information in our Easy Forex Review here.

The iPhone application enables Forex traders to gain instant access to the Forex market with all the features and services provided in the other versions. The easy-forex software can be downloaded from the iPhone applications page at the Apple website. The application being from easy-forex, there are a number of features that you can look forward to.

Live Trading

The Live Trading feature enables you to trade on the go, set and cancel limit orders, and open and close various deals. The possibility of placing limit orders through this feature enables traders to set specific entry levels. Upon filling up an order, the ‘My Positions’ area informs you as to how the trades are performing with all details of the deals.


With the charts feature, real-time analysis of charts is only a click away. There are also options for different display styles of the charts, as you can choose to view the chart either in simple line format or in candlestick patterns. A quick comparison between two charts is also possible with this. You can also switch between vertical and horizontal views of the chart by rotating the iPhone vertically or horizontally.

Inside Viewer

The Inside Viewer is a powerful trading tool that offers you a unique insight into the Forex market. It gives you information about the most popularly traded pairs, the ones that are traded by others on the easy-forex platform, the direction in which they are traded and it also informs you about the aggregate deal structure of all the open deals.

Financial Calendar

The Financial Calendar feature helps you stay up to date with the latest economic indicators. This feature will be of help especially to fundamental traders who want to identify the factors affecting the market. This feature allows you to read weekly and daily outlooks, and informs you about what to watch out for in the market.

Other features in the application include a secure login to the “My Position” page and a report of your position in the market, which is constantly updated. You can also check the profit/loss, total margin and free balance in your account balance. The Twitter plug-in to the app brings you instant tweets from the easy-forex Twitter page, informing you about latest developments in the market. The app also has customizable settings like password expiration, quotes interval, capacity to set the chart types globally and my position interval.

For the Forex trader constantly on the move, the easy-forex application for the iPhone is very useful, convenient and a welcome change. With its reputation as one of the first companies to launch broker services on the web, the application has been optimized for easy compatibility with the iPhone, as opposed to the desktop mode. Further, users of easy-forex have additional security as it is regulated both in the European Union and in Australia.


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