eToro Mobile Trading App

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For Android users who wish they could be constantly updated on the latest happenings in the Forex market, here is a welcome development.  eToro, the largest online network for commodities and Forex investment, has come out with an application for users of Android phones.  (Click here to visit  the main eToro Review at

The eToro mobile trader helps you trade the world’s markets and stay informed about the various developments in the Forex market right on your Android phone. The software also provides real time quotes and live market rates to make Forex trading more accessible than ever.

With improved technology in connectivity like the 3G, 4G and the Wi-Fi, it is expected that mobile based Forex trading will constitute above 25% of the total trading volume by 2012. The new Forex trading app provides you with a convenient and intuitive method of tracking your account status in real time and placing orders through your device.

Features of the Forex Trading app for Android

The Forex trading app from eToro for Android phones is packed with features. You can stay informed about various indices, commodities and currencies even as you are on the move. Real-time monitoring of your account activity is also possible with this app. You can also receive real-time rates of various commodities and currencies by the second. A simple click enables you to see, follow and copy the other top traders in the market. Candlestick charts for all the available markets can be accessed through the application and tracking, modifying, and managing your trades is also possible.

One of the greatest advantages of using eToro’s Forex trading platform is that it has a Social Trading feature, which works very much like a social networking site except for the fact that this is solely for investors in the Forex market. The Social Trading Feature enables you to interact with other professionals in the business and share valuable tips with them. This feature is also accessible on your Android device. Besides these, you can also gain access to the various challenges and bonuses that eToro has to offer.

How to get the Forex app in your Android phone

The Forex trading application from eToro is available for free download from the Android market page. To make use of the services of the application, however, you will have to sign up for an eToro account. You can choose to either sign up for a practice account, which you operate with virtual funds, or a real account, where you use real money for trading. The former would be a good option if you are unfamiliar with the Forex business and do not wish to spend money unnecessarily.

You can then proceed to download the Forex app through your Android phone and be ready to cash in the Forex market. With the Social Trading Feature, you can interact with other, more experienced people in the industry and learn more about using this app and making the most out of it.

Being conferred the “Most Innovative Trading Platform” award in Foreign Exchange by World Finance more recently, eToro is undoubtedly one of the best platforms available for Forex traders to conduct their investments. And the Forex application for Android users is one of the best mobile trading devices currently available in the market. With this app, Forex trading has become more accessible to prospective investors.


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