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ETX Capital is one of the UK’s leading spread betting and CFD trading companies.  Although ETX Capital was originally started in 1965, they have grown to become one of the powerhouses in online spread betting.  They recently launched a brand new multi-million pound online trading platform that offers one-click trading and some of the most advanced trading tools and charts.

New Customers Get your £250 Risk-Free Bonus Only at ETX Capital

ETX Capital offers a unique £250 risk-free bonus which you won’t find at any other spread betting company.  The £250 bonus means that any losses in your first 10 days of opening an account will be refunded (up to the value of £250).

This is kind of a replacement for a “free demo account” that you’ll find at other sites such as Tradefair and which allow you to trade for free on a simulated platform.  Rather than offering a demo account, ETX Capital simply removes the risks of live trading for the first 10 days.  It means that you could theoretically lose up to £250 in your positions after 10 days and get all your losses reset to zero.

The conditions for ETX Capital’s £250 Peace of Mind Bonus are that you must place at least 5 trades in order to be eligible for the bonus.  Furthermore, the risk-free bonus ends 10 days after you sign up an account as opposed to 10 days after making a deposit.  This means, for example, that if you open an account and then make a deposit after 5 days then you’ll only have another 5 days left.  Finally, any positions remaining open at the end of the 10th day will be taken into account in terms of unrealised profits and loses.  For example, if you have lost £300 in previous trades but are still +£100 in an open position than your net losses would be -£200 at the end of the 10 days (not -£300).

Why Else Does ETX Capital Offer to Beginners?

Since most of the users on this website are beginners, I think it’s useful to explain what makes ETX Capital stand out as a great choice for you.  To begin with, ETX Capital offers £500 worth of free training to beginners. You don’t even need to pay for these services. Simply open an account here for free and you’ll be able to watch 8 hours worth of trader training.

The Advanced Training Course covers all aspects of successful trading including how to use technical charts and graphs, to trading strategy, risk management and trading psychology.  New online webinars are uploaded to the site every week and you can participate in live seminars in London.  Upcoming seminars include “Surviving the Learning Curve” and “How to Trade on the Stock Market”.

How Competitive are ETX Capital’s Markets?

ETX Capital is just as competitive, if not better, than most other UK spread betting sites.  Starting from a minimum of stake of 50p per point, they offer as low as 1% deposit margins on the UK 100 and Wall Street and 1 point spreads on popular UK markets such as the FTSE 250, UK 100 and UK Daily Rolling Futures.

What’s really surprising is how small the spreads are on ETX’s Forex markets.  You can spread bet on Forex from just 0.0002 on the EUR/USD, 0.0001 on the EUR/GPB and 0.02 on the USD/JPY.  I think these are the tightest spreads available for spread betting on Forex on the internet.

Finally, ETX Capital boasts an impressive range of advanced technical charts and graphs for customers (70+ indicators) which are completely free to use.  ETX Capital offers 24/7 trading and customer service, plus they even offer iPhone trading for ETX Capital customers.


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