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ETX Capital is one of the fastest growing spread betting platforms in the UK and offers a whole range features including a £250 risk-free bonus for new customers.  In addition to a £250 no-loss bonus during your first 10 days of opening an account, ETX Capital offers £500 worth of free education and training as part of their “Advanced Training Course” for beginners.

In 2010, ETX Capital launched an iPhone trading app also known as “Fast Lane”.  With the recent advancements in mobile technology, the ability to place trades on the go has been hugely important for the spread betting industry.  It’s estimate that more than 15% of all ETX Capital customers currently use the iPhone app to open/close their trades.  I’ve tested out the iPhone app for myself and admit that it’s pretty cool.  Although not quite as functional as the Capital Spreads iPhone app, it does virtually the exact same thing.

About the ETX Capital iPhone App

In order to download the mobile trading app you can visit the Apple App Store and search for “Fast Lane”.  The iPhone App also works on iPads and iPhones (requires iOS 4.2 or higher).

Before you can use the app you’ll need to have an existing account at ETX Capital.  If you don’t already have one then you can open a new account with a £250 bonus here!

Opening/Closing Markets and Technical Charts

The number of things that you can do on the ETX Capital iPhone app ranges from opening/closing trades (ultra fast “one-tap trading”), editing existing orders and viewing the latest market prices.

After plenty of feedback from users, the iPhone app now supports a new range of technical charts and data.  This allows you to view the latest streaming prices and graphs using technical indicators such as MACD, Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, RSI, Moving Averages and more.  The main advantage of having these on your app is that you can research the markets you’re looking at whilst being away from your computer.

The iPhone’s touch screen technology means that you can easily move to different menus and make one-click orders.  The Markets menu (bottom toolbar) lets you view the latest market prices and open orders.  In order to find a specific market you can either use the Search bar feature or find your market in Groups.  Once you’ve found your market, simple click on it and enter the stake-size that you want to open.  You can edit your existing positions with OCOs, if bets, and limit orders at any time by going to the Positions tab.


Finally, the Accounts menu on the app is where you account information can be viewed.  This includes your P&L, net equity, cash balance and margins (if you get too close to your margin than your trades will automatically close).  The app also lets you view your previous orders by clicking on “More” at the bottom of the Accounts screen.




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