Forex Yard Mobile and iPhone App

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ForexYard (read the full Forex Yard review here) is one of the foremost companies offering Forex brokerage services on the web. ForexYard offers its services to Forex investors from around the world by combining the experience of seasoned Forex investors and technical expertise of internet specialists.

ForexYard offers accounts of two types- a demo account and a normal account. For those who are yet to familiarize themselves with the business, the demo account will be of immense help in understanding the process. The normal accounts are further available in four different types- Open Standard, Open Mini, Open Institutional and Open FX- Automate.

ForexYard is also the first online Forex services company to make its services available through mobile phones. It has mobile versions that are compatible with most mobile phones available on the market. The mobile trading applications from ForexYard enable trading in all the commodities and currencies even as you are on the move and can be accessed round the clock. Being available in both I-Mode and WAP, it can be accessed even on the most basic mobile phones. The application is popular for the easy-to-use interface, making it less complicated for traders to handle.

Features of the ForexYard mobile application

The mobile app from ForexYard comes with a number of features that are available on all versions of the application. You can view live dealing rates and open positions in the market. The app also performs functions like placing modifying and removing orders, open, close and hedge positions and execution of stop and limit orders. You also get access to detailed information about your account through the mobile app.

Charts are also available for detailed analysis of the Forex market. The charts can be viewed both in the simple line format as well as in the candlestick format. There may be slight differences in the functionality of the apps depending on the OS of the mobile phone.

ForexYard apps for different mobile phones

Along with eToro, ForexYard offers one of the best Forex applications for mobile phones that run on Google’s Android OS. The company itself recommends some of the best mobile phones on which their app delivers the best. Some of the best Android run mobile phones mentioned include HTC, Motorola and Samsung.

Another mobile phone OS which can run ForexYard’s mobile trading app includes Symbian, the OS run by Nokia mobile phones. The company recommends using models like the Nokia N97, 5530, X6 and E72 to be able to enjoy the app better.

For users of RIM’s Blackberry OS, some of the models recommended are the Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Pearl 3G. The app can also be run on the WebOS software from Palm and models like Palm Pixi Plus, Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus. Other OS on which the app can be run include Windows Mobile and i-mode doja.

The iPhone is probably the best mobile on which to use the Forex trading app from ForexYard. Almost all the features can be accessed on the iPhone and it is considered the most devoted Forex trading app for the iPhone. The software is available for download from the iPhone app store for both the demo version as well as the Live Account version. The comfort and speed of the iPhone truly enhances the Forex trading experience for users.


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