FTSE Spread Betting

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FTSE Spread Betting

The FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) is one of the world’s leading and busiest stock markets.  Started in 1984, the FTSE operates a number of markets from its Canary Warf financial district, and is comprised of the largest stock markets in the UK.  The FTSE 100 is comprised of the 100 most highly capitalized companies listed in the FTSE (in fact, the FTSE 100 makes up more than 80% of the entire capitalization of the London Stock Exchange).  Because of its historical presence and the sheer amount of daily trade, the FTSE is one of the most popular markets for spread bettors all around the world.

About Spread Betting on the FTSE

Because of the FTSE’s popularity among city traders and international finance, the FTSE gains a large amount of activity with investment across the world.  This is great for spread bettors because it leads to constant movements and points changes in the market, which can lead to massive profits for experienced spread bettors.  The sudden swings and fluctuations in the securities markets for example yield massive profits for highly leveraged bettors. Putting it short, the FTSE is one of the most profitable markets to spread bet across (unfortunately you need to be a resident of the UK to trade on it because it is regulated by the FSA).

The range of markets the FTSE encompasses, notably the FTSE 100 and 250, is also great for traders and speculators.  These two financial indices allow plenty of volatile, regulated movement for spread bettors to make massive gains (and losses) against.  In addition, given the FTSE’s leading stance in the international domain, it is very responsive to external eventualities such as oil price and local disasters.  This is good for spread bettors because it makes the FTSE more predictable to bet on and forecast.  Externalities such as current affairs, economic indicators and politics hit the FTSE harder, making it more transparent than markets such as the DOW.

The diversity and large portfolio of companies on the FTSE is another joy to spread bettors.  Diversity provides more opportunities and sectors to become specialized in, making the market in general easier to read.  In comparison to the Futures markets for example, the FTSE 100 is far more stable and predictable.

You’ll be able to spread bet on the FTSE on any well known spread betting platform such as TradeFair, City Index or the IG Index.  It’s popularity and size gives anyone interested in trading on securities a great place to start.

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