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The IG Index is the largest spread betting firm in the UK and offers a range of excellent features such as tight spreads (1 point on the FTSE, 1 pip on the GPB/USD), excellent customer support and its award wining PureDeal online and mobile trading platforms.

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In 2010, the IG Index launched their Android app for users.  Although not quite as popular as the IG Index iPhone App, it provides virtually all of the same features and options as its sister.  (The average user rating for the IG Index Android app on the marketplace is 3.9/5 stars)

What Does the IG Index Android App Offer Users?

The IG Index Android app lets you stream real time market prices on the exact same range of instruments as the main website, open and close trades, edit your positions and place stop and limit orders.  You can also place working orders across thousands of markets including forex, indices, commodities and interest rates.

How to Use the Android App

In order to use the App on your device you’ll need to download it either from the IG Index website or by searching for it in the Android Marketplace.  Once you’ve downloaded the IG Index Android App, you need your user name and password to log into your account.  (You can still check market prices and charts quickly without logging into your account, by tilting the device and clicking on a market to see the charts).

The home screen of the app provides 5 different menus: Watchlists, Positions, Orders, Browse, Search and Feedback.

You can click on Watchlists to see your favourite markets or the most popular for that day.  The screen includes the Bid/Offer prices, price change and percentage change.  You can click on any of the markets to open a trade very easily. In order to open a trade, simply click on a market and press Open Ticket.  Enter you stake size, currency type, and then stop and limit orders if you want.  You can also choose to have your order guaranteed.  Once you’ve done this and pressed green Submit button, the trade will be processed and confirmed usually within a fraction of a second.  That’s the good thing about the IG Index app – the Android platform is very reliable, secure and processes your trades quickly.

In order to find a market quickly you can use the Search feature at the top of the screen.  Just enter the name of your market (e.g. FTSE) and it will display a list of markets which are similar to your search request. When you’re viewing a market you can also bring up an Info screen which includes the minimum size and deposit factor for trading on that instrument at IG Index.

View your Current Positions

When you want to see your current positions all you need to do is click on the Positions menu on the home screen.  You’ll then be able to open bespoke charts and details on each of your positions, such as your balance, deposit, running P&L, position size, stop, limit, buy/sell price etc…

Live Steaming Charts and Info

Just like the iPhone app, Android users will be able to view advanced live streaming charts in landscape format on their phone.  You can edit the charts with a number of technical indicators plus you can change the style and timeframe.  A Help section underneath the chart provides FAQ guides for using the live charts and finding trends, baseline and support levels.

Other features on the IG Index’s Android App includes live feeds from Thomson Reuters (maximum of 10 feeds displayed on the screen) and the ability to editor existing orders.

In conclusion, although the Android app isn’t perfect or as good as the iPhone’s app, the good news is that the Android App has been updated several times over the year by its developers, and feedback from clients generally leads to improvements in its functionality.  The biggest drawback is that you can’t zoom in and out of the charts and there’s no option to change the chart type.


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