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In the world of spread betting, mobile technology is becoming increasingly important. With more than 20% of all spread bets placed through a mobile device in 2011, the need to monitor the latest real time market prices on the go makes mobile trading extremely important.

IG Index is one of the best online and mobile trading platforms for clients.  In addition to their award winning online platform (which includes DealThru technology and AutoChartist tool), customers can also access their account through a range of mobile devices.

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How to Trade on your Mobile at IG Index

The IG Index supports all types of mobile devices.  In order to download the app for your device just visit IGIndex.co.uk or search for your app in the Android Marketplace or Apple App Store.

Customers with a regular mobile phone can still benefit from using IG Index’s services, although you won’t have quite the same range of features, live charts and functions as smart phone users.

Using Mobile Dealing

If you’re a regular mobile phone user, you can visit IGMobile.com now to download one of their mobile packages.  The download is streamed to your phone via SMS and should only take a couple of minutes.  Alternatively you can text “mobile” to 80800 and the mobile package will be sent to your phone.  You need to have an active account at the IG Index to use the mobile dealing platform (if you don’t already have an account than you can sign up for one here).

Once you’ve logged into the mobile dealing software with your IG Index account, the Menu provides a choice of options including: Watch list, Open Positions, Orders to Open, Finder and Sports/Finance.

The Finder menu allows you to view all of the IG Index’s markets and up to date BID/OFFER prices on your mobile phone.  Just use the search feature to navigate your way through the shares, forex, interest rate or commodities markets etc.   You can also place binary bets at the IG Index unlike other firms. In order to open an order, click on one of the market and open a ticket.  You’ll be able to enter your position size, stop and limit orders. Orders are not guaranteed unless you add the option to.

Once an order has been placed, you can monitor it or edit the order by going to Open Positions on the mobile menu.  You can also view charts of particular markets which provides snapshot data of the latest market movements and prices.  You can choose between the different time parameters, style and data points.

The “Orders to Open” screen contains a list of your current orders to open.  The screen shows the size, price change and P&L for each of your orders. You can also delete, edit and place contingent orders here.


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