Improved Charts for Financial Spreads’ Users

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Earlier this week, the UK based spread betting company, Financial Spreads announced that it has upgraded its trading charts, which can be accessed by the firm’s clients when they login to their accounts. The spokesperson for Financial Spreads, Adam Jepsen, said that the charts have been significantly improved and are now available with a number of additional features.

Increased charting options for investors

Besides offering a chart for each of the 2500 markets it provides access to, Financial Spreads allows its users to enjoy added features like back testing tools, email alerts, expanded time frames etc alongside the standard charting software features. Clients of Financial Spreads can also get email alerts when the market prices of a certain commodity, stock or currency reach a certain level with the help of these upgraded spread betting charts. These limits at which the email alert is triggered can be set by the clients themselves.

Both day traders and long-term investors can view charts based on different time-frames. The time period can range from 1, 2 or 5 minutes to hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly, as required by the traders. Among other features of the upgraded charts include more number of indicators, increased filtering options for price display, added graphical features like arcs, fans, Fibonacci time zones and an instant High/low feature for linear representation.

These charts not only provide all the necessary features of the best charting softwares in the market, they are also easy to use. Should you find it difficult to understand or use them at any point, you can always use the video tutorials for these new charts, which the firm provides to its clients.

Improved services at no extra charge

Financial Spreads, which is the trading name of London Capital Group or LCG, offers access to over 2500 global markets for equities, commodities, forex, bonds, stock indices and interest rates. Financial Spreads is a reputed in UK firm that has been offering these services for a long time now, without charging any broker-fee or commission. The best part here is that even the upgraded spread betting charts are being offered to all the clients of Financial Spreads for free.


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