InterTrader Mobile App Review

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InterTrader Mobile

The iPhone trading app has been in use with since the spring of 2011. The mobile application is only compatible with the iPhone and the iPad at the moment but there are plans to extend this, firstly to the Android range of mobile devices and then other types of mobile phones at a later date.

You can download the app from the Apple App store and it should be remembered that you do need to have a live trading account as opposed to a Demo account in order to take advantage of this facility.

Mobile Trading App Review

You would have to say that the trading app has been designed with ease of use at the top of the list of priorities, this must be considered to be a good thing as any trader will tell you, when opening or closing a trade on the move you don’t really want to be fiddling around with unnecessary features which don’t really make any difference to the trade itself.

There is an online user manual available which should be read before a mobile trade is even considered, but once the basics are understood the mobile trading process on is extremely straightforward.

Market Features

When you are using the mobile trading platform at you are able to access the full range of markets, just as though you were trading from a PC or laptop. The layout of this mobile app makes it especially easy to search for the market that you wish to trade on and when it comes to the opening or closing of a position, you are left in no doubt what you have to do and if the trade has been accepted or not.

Open/Close Positions

To instantly see any trades that you have already made, the trading app simply requires you to tap the ‘More’ tab at the bottom of the screen and you will then instantly be able to see the orders that you have already placed.

When setting up a new order, this app really comes into its own regarding ease of use. You are able to specify the price that you would like the order to be executed at, the level of stake and any guaranteed stop loss and limit levels.

It goes without saying that in order to make a trade you must have sufficient cleared funds available in your account.

Market Information and Technical Charts

It is possible to access a chart from any market listing on the mobile trading app. A candlestick chart will be presented with a selection of overlays and indicators which you can choose depending on your preference.

A further selection of indicators can also be added such as moving averages and Bollinger Bands, so it would be fair to say that no matter what your charting preferences are, you will be covered with this mobile trading app.

Account Details

To log into the InterTrader Mobile Trading App you need to use the same log in details as the main online platform. You are also able to see all of your account details such as trading history and profit/loss and available funds etc.









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