Is Spread Betting Set to Become Even More Popular?

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Although there are still a number of people who equate spread betting with gambling and view it with the same distrust, the attitude is clearly changing of late.

In fact, given the recent trends in the market, it does appear as though spread betting will soon be a favourite activity for several Britons in coming years.  Several of the factors that initiated this shift continue to make it easy to carry out spread betting with ease in 2012 as well.

The Role of Technology

One of the main reasons why spread betting has become a popular activity today is that it is far easier to do it now than ever before. Technology has made it possible for Britons to gauge the market and react almost instantly to changes. Since time is of essence for spread betting success, this ability to move into and out of the market with ease and speed has encouraged newcomers to start spread betting.

With Apps making it possible to spread bet even when you are on the move and have no access to your computer, the final frontier has been crossed. All the spread bettor needs to do is access the market using his internet enabled phone and he is ready to make a killing in the market.

Tax Free Gains

In the wake of the recession, any gain that is tax free is bound to be hugely attractive to investors of all kinds. David Jones, IG Index’s Chief Market Strategist believes that the fact that spread betting gains are not taxed is a key benefit. Any investment in stocks/ bonds that perform very well loses much of its sheen when you end up passing on a big chunk of your excellent returns to the taxman.

A Whole Range of Options to Bet On

In the years of yore, spread betting may have been restricted to a handful of stock market indices. However, the field is wide open today with the spread bettor having a wide array of products to pick from. Shares, commodities, funds, even currency can become the basis of a successful spread betting strategy as long as it has a price that is subject to fluctuations.

Clearly, investors have responded to changes in the market and in tools that enable spread betting in the best possible way by making the best of the opportunities presented. Backed by the right kind of education and adequate research the spread bettor stands to make a good deal of money today.



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