Mobile Spread Betting to Increase in 2012

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In 2012, there will be a lot of demand for smartphones – more than in this year. Following this, there is likely to be an increase in demand for solutions that allow people to do everything they want – including spread betting – on the device. Smartphone providers have already incorporated technology that enables people to carry out spread betting on the move. Software developers have been creating apps that facilitate this.

Efforts in this direction are going to increase with people wanting more solutions for spread betting. Next year, several people will use spread betting apps on mobile devices for the first time.

Free Spread Betting Opportunities Encourage People to Use Apps for it

This year saw 30% of population in the UK using smartphones. This is quite high when compared to the 20% of the population that used the device in 2010 in the UK. The numbers will rise, and may even hit 50% in the coming year. UK has been at the top of the charts in terms of app usage on the smartphone. This was revealed in a study conducted by Google.

A number of these smartphone owners are already using spread betting apps on the device. The apps that are most often used are the ones that are offered for free. Such apps draw people to spread betting. It is one of the reasons they become repeat customers of the companies that offer the spread betting services.

City Index Provides User-Friendly App for Spread Betting

One of the leaders in the mobile trading market, City Index, was rewarded for its app for spread betting on the iPhone. The key reason for this was that it allowed for intuitive use. It also came with tools that allowed users to manage their risks. In 2011, the company took home a Shares Award for providing people with the best app for mobile trading. Through the app, bettors could place a spread bet and trade their CFD in a secure environment instantly in real-time. City Index provides spread-betting services 24/7. In 2009, the trading activity (total), at the company was 2%. This year it went up to 20%.


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