New Mobile Trading Platform Launched by WorldSpreads

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WorldSpreads is upgrading its software in order to improve its clients’ user experiences. It has recently released its latest spread betting platform version which is now designed to be used on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Clients can use the mobile trading platform, which is primarily for devices that use iOS, to open trades when they’re on the move. They can manage their accounts on a real-time basis. They can also capitalize on the movements of the market as they occur, regardless of where the user is at that time.

Features of the New Spread Betting Platform

The new spread betting platform is simple in design. However, it maintains the essential features that traders require in order to manage their portfolios 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The software was created specifically for iPhone and iPad users. The user’s operating system must be iOS 4.2 or higher.

While using an iOS device, WorldSpread’s clients can gain access to live streaming prices through their mobiles. They can also track positions that already exist in real time. Users can monitor their profits as well as their losses while on the move. They can also set new stops or limits, and move the ones that already exist. Additionally, they can receive breaking news from sources like Reuters. Users also have the ability to quickly open and close new positions.

Availability of the New Platform

The mobile trading platform that WorldSpreads has announced is free for all its Platinum account holders, as well as its Active account holders. It is extremely convenient as there are no applications and downloads required to use the platform. To activate the service, all that users have to do is visit the site through the browser on their devices. The users will then be given the option of logging into the mobile trading platform.

According to the CEO of WorldSpreads, Conor Foley, the deployment of the iOS based platform has improved the trading experience for the majority of WorldSpreads users. Since it is unnecessary to download an application, clients are able trade and get information almost immediately when they are on the move.



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