Number of Women Traders Using City Index Increases

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There has been a significant increase in the number of women traders using City Index. New accounts created by women rose by 1434% in the last ten years. The number of trades done by women also rose by 194%, in the last 5 years.

A City Index spokesperson commented that women prefer to take control over their personal finances these days. Women traders are open to opportunities provided by retail trading.

Trade Sizes Decreased

Since 2007, there has been a decrease in the trade sizes by women, indicating that they prefer trading smaller amounts. In long-term strategies, individual risk is low. This throws light on how the mind of a female trader works.

Female Professionals Tend to take Contextual Risk Analysis Approach

A study was conducted on the behavior of female and male workers in Netherlands. It included only those from the finance industry of the country. Results revealed that female professionals take recourse to a contextual approach for analyzing risk.

One of the traders at City Index who has been associated with the company since 2006, commented on the gender dynamic of the trading platform. Cincotta stated she noticed a change in trading trends among women after 2006. According to her although majority of those at the trading platform are male professionals, there has been a significant increase in the number of female employees in the firm over the past few years.

Spread Betting – Risky and Profitable

CFD trading and Spread Betting are considered to be leveraged products. These can result in losses above the initial deposit. Traders should be well aware of the associated risks before using their money for these products. However, the opportunity of making profits is also higher in this kind of trading compared to traditional forms. Quite a few benefits are offered by spread betting over traditional trading. Traders should ideally do good research before deciding their moves. This way, risk can be managed better.

At City Index, transactions of about 1.5 million take place monthly in close to 50 countries across the world.




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