Opening a Spread Betting Account

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Opening a Spread Betting Account

To be able to start spread betting on the FTSE or other financial markets, you’ll need to have a spread betting account.

Opening a spread betting account is extremely easy to do and only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. In a traditional deposit account, you’ll be able to start spread betting on various markets as soon as you make a deposit.  Remember that because you are leveraged, you can end up making a profit worth far more than your initial deposit (along with a loss also!).

As you sign up for a trading account you will be asked to prove your identification and nationality along with a preferred currency to trade in.  Once all of these steps are completed, you’ll be able to start spread betting, analying stock prices, execute stop-loss orders and everything else.

Open an Account with TradeFair and Receive a Matched Deposit up to £100!

TradeFair is one of the UK’s biggest and most popular spread betting platforms.  TradeFair offers traders access over 7,000 financial markets, including the ability to bet on movements of currency, interest rates, commodities, securities and of course the FTSE 100/250.  One of the best things about Tradefair is that their spreads are guaranteed to be some of the smallest in the world.  This leaves more room for you to make a margin on your profit.

Tradefair offers 24/7 markets allowing you to trade throughout the day and they also provide a number of great spread betting guides, tutorials and chart recognition software.

Because spread betting carries a certain risk, Tradefair is excellent in providing rapid customer support and has the ability to place automatic stop-loss orders to reduce your risks.  Furthermore, if you’re not confident enough to start trading with real money immediately than you can open up a Demo account at Tradefair which lets you practice trading on a range of financial instruments an get comfortable with the software.

Tradefair Deposit Options

Making a deposit is relatively easy since Tradefair offers a range of deposit options.  You can deposit funds through telephone or online with credit/debit card (2% charge for payments made by credit card).  You can also deposit with:

  • Bank Trasfer
  • Cheque

You Must be a UK citizen to spread bet on the FTSE financial markets

Unfortunately, because the FTSE and all of the UK spread betting platforms are regulated by the FSA, they don’t allow citizens outside of the UK to sign up or trade on these markets.

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