Review of the WorldSpreads Demo Account

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WorldSpreads is one of the leading spread betting firms in the UK and has a history of delivery positive customer service and experience.  Founded in 2000, WorldSpreads is a lot older than the newer companies such as Capital Spreads (2003) and Tradefair Spreads (2008), and thus is able to provide a little extra to customers in terms of online platform features and markets.

The WorldSpread Demo account is available to all new customers and gives you $10,000 in virtual dollars to practise open/closing trades with on their online simulated platform.

Why Join the WorldSPreads Demo Account?

Unlike other spread betting firms, which provide the same platform features to live account customers, WorldSpreads actually offers three different types of accounts tailored to your needs – a Limited Risk Free Account, Active Account and Platinum Account.

The main difference between all of these account is that the Limited Risk Free Account offers Guaranteed Stop Losses and uses a more basic online trading platform known as the “Lite Platform”.  Unlike the Advanced Platform, the Lite Platform is more suitable for beginners and only offers 72 financial instruments to trade on rather than the 4,000+ which can be found on the advanced version.  In addition to this, the Lite Platform doesn’t allow you to place OCOs, If Dones or Trailing Stops.

That’s why I recommend signing up to the WorldSpreads Demo account.  The Demo account offers you both sets of platforms to choose from (Lite Platform or Advanced Platform) which helps you to decide what type of account you’d prefer once you make a deposit.

The other advantage of trialling the demo account of course is that it enables you to practise risk-free trading without having to deposit or risk any of your own money.  The account allows you to enjoy using all of the features on the WorldSpreads website (including trading charts, seminars and margin trading) before you open a live account.  You can practise using the demo account for as long as you want, making trades on the FTSE 250, Rolling DAX, S&P 500, gold and oil markets, etc.

How to Open a Demo Account at WorldSpreads

It’s completely free to open a demo account at WorldSpreads.  All you need to do is visit the website and locate the “Demo Account” link at the bottom of the page.  Once you click this link you’ll be taken to the page where you can open a demo account.  All you need to do is fill in your name and contact details to get your account set up.

You can upgrade your demo account to a live or risk-free account at any time by making a deposit (minimum £100) through a number of methods including credit card, bank wire, transfer and cheque.

WorldSpreads Promotions and Features

WorldSpreads offers a range of promotions including their most notable “Zero Spread” program for Platinum Accounts and £300 cash-back bonus for new customers.

In addition to these, WorldSpreads also offers an attractive range of online trading tools, professional charts, risk management tools, news alerts and even special monthly promotions such as “Eurogeddon”.


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