Smartphone Spread Betting On the Rise

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Financial spread betting through mobile phones is getting increasingly popular as better services and devices are making it a convenient option. With specialized iPhone or Android apps, spread bettors can now access the internet and check for prices and odds from any where at any time. This trend is strengthening all the time as better smartphone and tablet devices fro leading manufacturers hit the market.

iPhone spread betting has seen immense improvement since several mobile betting platforms have started dedicating more time to improving mobile technology. With the rise of the iPhone and Android devices, mobile gambling has reached new heights. Spreads bettors don’t just rely on their PCs and laptops to place bets and check for the latest in spread betting.

Getting live data on the go

Staying updated with the latest trends can help spread bettors manage their money better, especially in a volatile economy. With increasing interest rates and debt crises, it is important to have access to the latest news in real time and live prices. Several companies have come out with award winning apps that provide all the necessary real time data along with interactive components that allow players a wide range of spread betting options.

City Index sees sharp rise in mobile betting users

Two years ago, only 2% of City Index users used the mobile trading platforms. With the release of the award winning app, City Trading, the numbers have drastically shot up to 25% i.e. one out of every four players. City Index provides betting platforms in over fifty nations across the world. They also provide a wide range of applications and instruments for foreign exchange and CFDs.

City Index has been voted the best in providing interactive mobile betting platforms for two straight years. Chief Market Strategist of City Index revealed that they dedicate a large amount of their time and resources to develop better and more efficient mobile technologies that help the customers trade or bet at their convenience. With the intention of making spread betting more easy and convenient to players, City Index constantly tries to improve its products. One of the first companies to release a real time trading app for iPhones and Android devices, City Index is constantly proving its mettle in improving mobile betting technology.

It is quite likely that several other companies will follow the trend set by City Index and start offering reliable and innovative betting services on mobile.


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