Sporting Index on the Record Growth in Tennis Spread Betting

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Sporting Index is a tennis spread betting firm. It predicts a busy night on Monday, the day when the US Open kicks off. With the increasing number of spread bets it seems that the popularity of tennis is increasing. This time, a large number of bets have been placed for a series of tournaments of the upcoming event. Wimbledon which took place earlier this year also recorded a large number of bets.

The time gap has resulted in some of the US matches to take place at odd hours. In spite of this, full support has been provided by Andy Murray for the grand event. This is driven by his Cincinnati victory recently.

There is question mark on the participation of Novak Djokovic, the world champion and also the top player of the Wimbledon. This is a great opportunity for Andy Murray, the fourth ranking Scottish player, for winning the grand event, the US open. The player has been playing at the hard court for the last two years. He has also been a participant of the Australian Open, where he made it to the finals. The player was in the finals of the Flushing Meadows as well, which took place in 2008.

Punters’ Predictions

The predictions made by Sporting Index will be challenged by Punters as usual. It will do so through the high and low betting indices attached to players. The betting indices pertaining to a player are determined by the predictions made on his performance. Punters can bet on a series of games of this event. According to Wayne Lincoln, the spokes person of Sporting Index, this year is the busiest for US Open. With so many bets flowing here, Wimbledon seems to be a distant event. The spokesman continues to say, Wimbledon’s level of opportunity has never been expected by the US Open management. But this year’s results come as a pleasant surprise.

About Sporting Index

Sporting Index is a popular name for being one of the largest firms in the sports spread betting industry. Some of the largest bets around the world are operated through Sporting Index.


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