Sporting Index Review

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Sign up to Sporting Index Through and Receive a Special £300 Bonus!

SportingIndex Review

For anyone who is considering opening a sports spread betting account, should always be the first port of call because this company really are at the top of the tree when it comes to everything to do with this type of Spreadbetting.

SportingIndex have captured more than 70% of the UK sports Spreadbetting market and they pride themselves on being the most innovative company in this sector. Launched in 1992, they were the first to offer mobile betting, spreadbetting on casino type games, a trading website and an educational programme that really is second to none.

Bonuses and Promotions for New Customers

What is probably the most generous promotion offer for new account holders in the sports spread betting industry, Sporting Index offer a £300 total goal bet which can be placed on any football match. The qualifying criteria for this bet is that on opening a new account, 5 bets must be places which each have the potential to win or lose at least £20.

There is an alternative on offer and that is £100 cash but according to the customer services at Sporting Index, the £300 free bet option is the most popular choice. There is also a very attractive refer a friend bonus which can earn you a £200 total goals bet for every friend that is referred.

Range of Markets, Spreads, Margin Requirements

There are a wide range of markets available at Sporting Index which include all of the popular sports as well as American college sports and handball. There is also a market priced up on various political events as well as a range of novelty bets from time to time such as X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.

Sporting Index offer some of the tightest spreads in the sports spread betting market which the other companies find hard to match. The margin requirements are dictated by the size of the stop loss for each individual bet so the margin requirement will be enough to cover the maximum loss that it is possible to incur.

The website is clean and simple to navigate and it is no problem at all to find any particular bet. The customer is left in no doubt about the spreads on offer as well as the stop loss that has been put in place and the execution of the bet involves only a couple of mouse clicks.

Sign up to Sporting Index Through and Receive a Special £300 Bonus!

Mobile Trading Platform

The mobile trading platform is, as you might expect, the best in the business. It is compatible with any handset which is a refreshing change for those clients who do not have an iPhone or a Blackberry. The interface is simplicity itself to use and if a client does encounter a particular problem, Sporting Index have a dedicated helpline to resolve any issues.

Education and Demo Account

As if everything else about Sporting Index wasn’t enough, the educational resources that are available will ensure that all of their clients receive training which would cost an absolute fortune if it was provided by an independent training company.

Every aspect of sports spread betting is adequately covered and it should be noted that Sporting Index are renowned for having a support desk which is both very friendly and knowledgeable. They would much rather you asked questions before you start trading as opposed to jumping in and losing money. There is no such question as a stupid question is a statement that they seem to abide by and that can be a great comfort to someone who is spread betting on sport for the very first time.

The demo account which is available within Sporting Index is ground breaking in that it gives new customers full access to the real money Sporting Index website along with a credit of 5,000 chips which they can then bet with. This really is a fantastic way to learn the ropes and the fact that bets are being made in real time, on real events gives the novice spread bettor the opportunity to really get to grips with it all.

The demo account lasts for a period of two weeks and if that is not long enough it is possible to contact the help desk and ask for an extension

As you can see, Sporting Index really cannot be faulted in the way that they operate their business and they are forever pushing the boundaries in respect of making it all a great experience for their customers.






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