Sports Spread Betting vs. Fixed Odds Betting

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Sports Spread Betting vs Regular Fixed Odds Sports Betting

With fixed odds betting you know exactly what it going to happen as soon as you actually make the bet, you are either going to win a set amount of money or lose a set amount of money. If you win it will be the size of the stake multiplied by the odds that are taken, if you lose it will be the stake that is lost.

Spread betting couldn’t be more different as there are lots of variables in-between, the bet can be closed early to lock in profits or limit losses, stop losses can be used to also limit any losses and what many people who have not encountered the delights of spreadbetting fail to realise is that someone who place a spread bet has far more control over the outcome of their investment.

In the eyes of the less astute punter though, spread betting is perceived as a form of betting which carries a great deal of risk and is something that is carried out by the high flyers of the gambling world who have money to burn!

It would be fair to say that spread betting does require more involvement than normal fixed odds betting, after all a fixed odds bet can be pretty much placed and then forgotten about until the result comes through. If this approach is taken with spread betting over an extended period of time it will only lead to one place and that is the poor house!

With spreadbetting, an effective money management system needs to be put in place but it could be argued that  a successful fixed odds punter would also do well to take these kind of precautions, for the spread bettor though, these extra steps can mean the difference between success and failure.

It can be easier said than done because any experienced spread bettor will confirm how difficultly it can be to exit a losing trade, after all, the tide could very well turn and that losing trade could turn into a winning one but an entry and exit point should always be decided before a trade is entered into, and not altered during the course of the bet due to emotion.

This brings us on to what is often considered to be the major difference between sports spread betting and regular fixed odds sports betting and that is the emotions that are involved. It is the same challenge that is faced by financial traders everywhere, when to open a trade, when to exit, when to cut the losses and run with the profits, it can often be easier said than done but there is no getting away from the fact that sports spread betting is so very popular because of the vast amounts of profits that can be made as well as the fact that the punter is rewarded by how much effort they are prepared to put into the sports spread bet that they are making.




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