Sports Spread Betting

How to Choose a Sports Spread Betting Site

If you are looking to get involved with sports spread betting there are several companies to choose from but what you should be looking for in a spread betting company to make you want to join up with them?

To start with, there is nothing from stopping you opening an account with more than one company, the majority of them offer attractive sign up bonuses to entice news clients so why not take advantage, but when it comes to choosing which company to carry out the majority of your business it is always a good idea to look further than the sign up promotions and bonuses.

The Range Of Markets Available

Just as with any other form of betting, if you want to be successful it is a good idea to concentrate on a  specific sport, it may be that your interest lies in horse racing in which case the favourite or starting price index may appeal to you. It could be football where your expertise lies so the total bookings or corners market could enable you to see opportunities where others don’t.

With that in mind it is advisable to visit the various sports spread betting websites and make sure there are adequate markets priced up in your area of interest. The spreads that are on offer across all of the markets are all pretty much in line with each other anyway so as long as your sporting interests are adequately catered for it would be  a wise choice to open an account there.

Customer Service

The importance of a helpful and knowledgeable customer service department should definitely not be underestimated. If you need to make a trade over the telephone or if you encounter a problem you should feel confident that you are in the best possible hands. Thankfully, this aspect of the vast majority of spread betting companies has improved dramatically over the past few years but the response to a  phone call with a general question before opening an account can tell you more than a glossy brochure or some well crafted website copy ever could.

The Layout Of The Website

A sports spread betting website needs to be easy to navigate without having to endlessly search for the betting market that is required. Some websites may look pretty but that is no use to anyone when you need to place a bet on the total corners market and you can’t even find the match that you are looking for, never mind the market in question. Sporting Index have got it exactly right so if you have  a look at their interface you can see what other sports spread betting websites should aspire to.

The sports spread betting industry has really come on leaps and bounds and as it is highly regulated, all of the companies that are out there are reputable and reliable. It is not like opening a sportsbook account where the head office is a PO Box somewhere in Russia!

If there was one company that stood out above the rest it would have to be  Sporting Index. Just as with IG Index in the financial spread betting market, Sporting Index have got everything down to a fine art. The customer service is excellent, the range of markets are unbeatable and for beginners, the educational aspect of their set up is without doubt the very best in the industry.





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