Sports Spread Betting Bonuses

As sports spread betting is such a competitive market the companies involved are eager to obtain new clients and they are prepared to offer enticing sign up bonuses to do so. These bonuses usually come with a wagering requirement so the terms and conditions of each offer should be investigated before an account is opened but there is no getting away from the fact that the sign up bonuses are very attractive indeed.

With that in mind we have listed the best sports spread betting bonuses on this page along with any further information as well as the wagering requirements.

Sporting Index – £300 Total Goals bet

This is a superb offer from the number one sports spread betting company. To qualify for the £300 Total Goals bet you need to place a total of 5 bets, each one having the potential to win or lose £20 or more.

If the customer would prefer, when the wagering requirements have been met, they can instead choose a cash payment of £100 which according to customer support, can be withdrawn straight away.

Spreadex – Various Offers

Spreadex have tailored their sign up bonus so that it appeals to customers who have different sporting interests. The bonuses vary depending on the sport chosen but any one of the following can be chosen

Football:£100 Supremacy bet on any live match
Horse racing: £10 National Hunt or Flat Match Bet
Cricket: £10 ‘First 15 Overs Runs’ bet on any live one day game
Rugby League/Union: £10 Total Points bet on any live match
Golf:£10 Finishing Positions bet on any US or Euro Tour event

To qualify for the sign up bonus, the customer must make 5 qualifying bets and as with Sporting Index, each one must have the potential to win or lose £20.

Spreadex go one step further though in that when the customer has made another 10 qualifying bets, with the same conditions attached as with the first 5 bets, the same sign up bonus can be claimed again. – €100

This is quite an attractive offer because it is actually paid in cash as opposed to being credited as a free bet. To qualify for the offer the customer has to place 5 bets on the supremacy markets, each one again having the potential to win or lose €20 and then the free cash will usually be credited to the customers account with 24 hours.

When it comes to taking advantage of the sports spread betting offers there are different ways to play them according to the customers perception of risk. They could be viewed as free money and used as a straightforward punt but if someone wanted to guarantee a return from the bonus, abeit a smaller amount, a betting exchange such as Betfair could be used to lay the bet, thus guaranteeing a return from the bonus bet. Of course, with the Sportsspread offer the bonus cash can be withdrawn straight away.





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