TFI Expanding Product Range through Premium Account for Retail Forex Trading

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TFI, a foreign exchange broker based in Europe, is expanding its product range. The company is offering customers a premium account for retail forex trading. TFI Markets is one of the leading providers of forex trading services online. Established in 1999, the company has made a name for itself as one of the leading service providers in Europe. With the account, also known as TFIFX, customers can trade currencies on the widely used MT4 platform.

Individuals and Active Traders to Benefit Most from Account

The premium account has been developed for individuals and active traders who require a product that can meet their demands for execution and service. Currency trading is easy with the account, as TFI has a support and treasury team to help. The team operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can reach the team over the phone or online. Traders can use low leverage with the account. To avail the account, they will have to make a minimum deposit amounting to $10 or the currency equivalent of it.

Benefits Accompanying Premium Account at TFI

The premium account comes with a number of benefits. Customers can trade a maximum of €20 million with each click. They will get fixed spreads irrespective of the market conditions. Access to the dealing room will be provided all hours of the day. Client funds can be deposited and withdrawn on the same day. This is an advantage for those who trade quite a lot. Hedged positions come with a zero margin. The account does not require customers to pay hidden or commission fees. Market orders get executed as soon as they are selected. Real-time market analysis and commentary is free.

Details of market research carried out in-house on a daily and weekly basis will be provided to customers with the account. Segregated funds from clients will be deposited in banks (European). The financial institutions, in which the funds are deposited, will be those that are secure and reliable. Market updates will also be offered regularly. The account comes with provisions like negative balance protection.



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