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About WorldSpreads

Launched in 2000, WorldSpreads offers a range of financial services to clients, though more specifically in spread betting.  WorldSpreads is an FSA regulated company (listed on the London Alternative Investment Market, AIM) and has offices around the world including London, Madrid, Paris, Dublin, Frankfurt, Greece, South Africa and they opened their first office in Malaysia in 2008.

WorldSpreads stands out from the crowd by offering three separate types of accounts to customers – Limited Risk Account, Active Account and the Platinum Account.

The advantage of being able to “choose” an account that meets your needs is a real advantage and unique selling point in my opinion.  For example, if you’re a beginner spread bettor and only need a choice of 100 or so financial instruments than the Limited Risk Account would be perfect for you (minimum deposit £100).  It includes guaranteed stop-losses, which massively reduce the risks of spread betting, whilst also providing some of the basic learning tools and technical charts.

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£300 Cash-Back Bonus (NEW)

As a special promotion to new customers, if you sign up to WorldSpreads now and make a minimum deposit of £500 (Active Account) then WorldSpreads will refund any of your losses after 8 weeks of trading up to the value of £300.

Platinum Account – “Zero Spreads”

At the other end of the scale you have the awesome Platinum Account.  The Platinum Account (£5,000 minimum deposit) offers something that no other spread betting firm does – zero point spreads on a range of popular financial instruments.  The “Zero Spreads” feature is available on the UK 100, DAX, CAC, GILT, BUND, EUR/USD, AUS/USD, EUR/GPB and USD/JPY.  This Zero Spreads feature will undoubtly save high volume traders thousands of pounds in money during the year (WorldSpreads claims it has saved their Platinum Account holders £6,600 per year on average) by trading on zero spreads.  What more could you really ask for?

WorldSpreads Range of Markets

The range of markets that you can bet at WorldSpread depends on the type of account you hold.   The Platinum and Active Account offers more than 4,000 UK and Global financial instruments including indices, shares, Forex, commodities, interest rates and bonds.  This is a large selection of markets that more beats Capital Spreads and Tradefair.

The Limited Risk Account at WorldSpreads (recommend for beginners with a minimum deposit of £100) only offers 72 financial instruments.  Although this is a lot smaller, it includes the most popular markets such as the UK 100 and FTSE 250 and in general is actually beneficial to new customers.  The advantage of the Limited Risk Account is that it includes Free Guaranteed Stop-Losses which minimise the risks of trading early on in your career.

Initial Margin Requirement + Account Credit

The Initial Margin Requirement at WorldSpreads varies between different markets but is competitive in general.  For example, in the blue chip shares companies where rapid price movements don’t usually occur are only 5% – 10%, where as this increases to 10% – 30% for more volatile markets such as commodities and UK indices.

Customers that require extra credit by the broker will be happy to hear that these can be provided on an individual basis. Bear in mind you’ll need to provide important details such as your income, equity in home, saving/investments, employment details and requested credit allocation.

Trading Platform Features

WorldSpreads has a choice of two platforms depending on which account you hold. The Lite Platform (72 markets) has slightly less features and is available to Limited Risk Accounts, while the Advanced Platform (4,000 markets) is for Active and Platinum Accounts only.

Both of these platforms provide basic features including web based trading, one-click dealing, news service and the ability to place guaranteed stop, limit and stop orders.  However, in order to place advanced trades such as OCOs, If Dones and Trailing Stops you’ll need to have access to the Advanced Platform at WorldSpreads.

WorldSpreads doesn’t offer mobile trading platforms for the iPhone or Android as of yet however there have been rumours that they are ready to launch one.

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Open a Demo Account at WorldSpreads

If you’re not ready to make a deposit and begin trading for real money than your solution might be World Spreads’ demo account.  This gives customers $10,000 in “virtual dollars” to practice trading on the simulated platform for free.  You can watch online seminars and read articles on spread betting and technical indicators at to increase your success.



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